Carlton's Walk in the ParkCarlton’s Walk in the Park Benefits Our Community

Last year's Carlton’s Walk in the Park was a great success, with both an increase in attendance as well as in income generated from the Event. For Event’s beneficiaries for this year, the Steering Committee’s preference would be to fund non-profit programs and services that directly benefit local families in the Yamhill and Carlton communities, rather than capital projects or operational and/or overhead expenses in the organization.

We anticipate that there will be more requests than we will be able to honor, but will do our best to accommodate as much as possible once budget reconciliation has been completed. The check presentation ceremony was in Wennerberg Park.

To apply for funding, please fill out the beneficiary form (click to download the 2013 form) and return to Carlton’s Walk in the Park, PO Box #99, Carlton, OR 97111 - by September 6, 2013 (postmark by this date is acceptable as well).

As this is a competitive process, clarity and accuracy of answers are important. Please note that funding in prior years does not ensure funding in future years, and that applicants may be contacted for more information. Should you have questions about the Carlton’s Walk in the Park donation application or its funding process, please contact Carole Stevens at 503-349-9616, or by email at

Since its inception in 2003, Carlton's Walk in the Park has raised over $225,000 to support local community and civic organizations including food banks, education, police and fire departments and athletics.

To date Carlton's Walk in the Park has: